Hostal Casa del Sol
Constitucion 301, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Located in the heart of Oaxaca two blocks from the historic Santo Domingo Cathedral lies a quaint and charming hostel known as Casa del Sol.

Here you will have the best of both worlds: outside the Casa the adventures and excitement of the city await.
This enchanting hostel is just two blocks away from the Santo Domingo de Guzman Cathedral, Oaxaca City's classic meet-up spot. There are a thousand things to do if that's what caches your fancy, though you may find the greatest pleasures lie in a good book and a warm breeze, drinking in the sound of birds singing in the courtyard, and deliciously idle afternoons spent chatting with friends. Come discover Casa del Sol for yourself !


    - Reception is open from 8:00 to 22:00 h - Check in: 13:00 - Check out: 11:00 - Breakfast included - Credit cards not accepted - +9 Pax group bookings accepted - No childrens under 14 years old


By bus:

There are two bus station in Oaxaca de Juárez

- From the second class bus station:

The best way to get to the hostel is by taxi, cost around 40 Mexican pesos.

- From the first class bus station (ADO):

a) You can walk from there by Pino Suárez street about 6 blocks, after the park El llano, walk one more street and turn right, and you can see Hostal Casa del Sol. Takes around 15 minutes.
b) You can take bus to down town centro by Juárez street and stop at constitución street, walk left and you can find the hostel, takes around 10 minutes.
c) Just in front of the bus station there are taxis. The cost is around $ 35 mexican pesos.

By plane:

a) At the airport there is a taxi booth, you can purchase a ticket for a taxi. They are priced based on what zone you go in Oaxaca.
A special taxi to Hostal Casa del Sol (zone 1 centro) cost about $ 220 Mexican pesos.
b) At the same taxi booth you can purchase a ticket for a colectivo. It is a mini-van that takes different passengers to their respective destination. It takes a little longer to arrive because it´s dropping passengers off at different locations but cost about $ 45 mexican pesos.